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Coming November 15...

The latest book in the Rocket Girls Series

All That Glitters
Isn't Gold
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Sam must replace Kimberly's gold bracelet that she

ruined in an unfortunate lab accident. As she works to pay

off the bracelet, she learns all about jewels and precious metals

and discovers that all that glitters is not necessarily gold. Does she

replace Kimberly's bracelet and keep their friendship,

or does she tell Kimberly the truth and risk it all?

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"Sam Gold is the new, modern Encyclopedia Brown. Great book that has a smart girl as the main character, one that loves science and is still a typical 8th grader." - Micheal Marsh, math educator

"Melanie Fine is a gifted chemistry teacher, whose encouraging words inspire the next generation of scientists. A must read for all." - Karen Campbell

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"When I was a student, there were almost no role models for girls who were interested in science. I was the only girl in my AP Chemistry class in high school. It was not that we were kept out of high-level science and math courses, but we certainly weren't encouraged, and most of our science teachers were men so we did not see women as scientists.  I recommend this first book in a series for all 5th-10th grade students - not just girls. They will enjoy and identify with the engaging story and they will learn a great deal of science, especially through the hands-on experiments. The book is well written, and unlike many others, it does not talk down to the reader. Parents may also enjoy reading the story aloud with their younger children. Those who encounter unfamiliar terms can look them up in the glossary that is also included in the book." - Amazon review of "Sam Gold and the Case of the Missing Uranium"

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